Your Baby and the Beach

As the months get hotter and the days get longer, you and your baby may be finding creative ways to cool off, from everything AND the kitchen sink. But hands down the best way to beat the summer heat is a day at the beach. The soft sand, gentle waves lapping, and seagulls circling overhead…you can already smell the salty air can’t you? There’s no reason why you should reject yourself from enjoying one of summer’s best features just because you have a baby. Just follow these tips on how to keep your baby safe at the beach and in no time you will have your toes in the sand with a baby bottle in hand.

Location, Location, Location

Upon arrival at the beach, choose a clean spot that’s not too close to the water’s edge.

What you need:

Sun Tent or Umbrella to shade your baby

Lots of Towels and Blankets for your baby to lie or sit on

Jelly or beach shoes to protect walking babies from pebbles or hot sand

The Big Blue Sea

Although the vast ocean can seem like a daunting dangerous place with the right methods you and your baby can enjoy the cool refreshing waters. And don’t worry your mommy pendant is waterproof too, just another reason to love your push present!

What you need:

Armbands, rubber ring or float suit if your baby is big enough.

If not, be sure to keep a good hold on your baby when you’re in the sea, even if you are used to letting go of her in swimming lessons.

Stay in the shallows where you can sit down and hold her safely.

If it’s too choppy stick to paddling and wave jumping, but be careful not to get the spray in your baby’s eyes.

Be aware of if your baby gets too cold or starts to shiver, then it’s time to take her out. Also if she’s too nervous have fun at the water’s edge building sand castles and watching the waves.

Protect the Skin Your Baby’s In

Sun protection, mother applying suntan lotion on her little baby.This is the most important and crucial thing to remember when it comes to taking your baby out in the sun.

Babies younger than six months should stay out of the sun and stay cool in the shade.

Older babies and toddlers should be kept out of the sun during the hottest part of the day: 11am- 3 pm.

What you need:

Cool cotton clothes for when the baby is in the sun

UV sun suit is also a good option (and a great baby shower gift idea too!)

Wide-brimmed hat


Sunscreen (broad spectrum and use one specially formulated for babies and children) apply thickly to every area not covered by clothes

-reapply at least every couple of hours and after playing in the water

Other Treats to Keep the Day at the Beach Sweet

-Cool bag with water and Food

-Formula feeding equipment

-Spare clothes for when they get wet

-Toys for the sand (i.e. bucket, beach ball, spade etc)

And most importantly a camera to capture all your baby’s first fond memories at the beach!