Winter Activities to do with Your Children

As parents it might seem like you are responsible for keeping your child entertained, especially when they are kept cooped up inside during the dreary months of winter. Sure there are always the standard ideas like building forts and watching old movies but thanks to sites like Pinterest and Facebook, parents are getting more and more crafty and coming up with ingenious games and activities that keep children away from the television ( or from terrorizing them for that matter).

Parents have come up with some great winter crafts geared to keep children occupied and to enhance fine motor skills and imagination. Some of these crafts include painting in the snow. Painting in the snow is an easy fun craft and all it requires is some squeeze bottles like those used for condiments and food dye. Parents can mix food dye and water in bottle allowing children to squirt the dye on the snow and create art works or play games like tic-tac-toe.


Other fun activities include having a summer day party, for a summer day party parents can plan a picnic where everyone eats indoors on a large blanket wearing their summer clothes and sunglasses, watching summer movies, and then playing in the bath tub in their bathing suits with their favorite beach toys.

A great craft for older children is making snow globes. All that is required for this ingenious fun craft is a mason jar, glitter, glycerin, clear drying epoxy, distilled water, and whatever objects (people, trees, etc) you would like to put in the jar, make sure the objects are synthetic, plastic, or ceramic. The first step is to sand the inside of the lid to make it rough, then with your epoxy adhere the figurine or tree of your choosing to the lid of the jar. Next, fill the jar nearly to the top with distilled water, then add a pinch of glitter and a dash of glycerin (the glycerin helps to keep the glitter from falling too quickly). Finally, screw the lid on, (be careful to not dislodge the figurine) flip the jar over and let it snow!

The craft and activity options are as endless as your imagination, (or ability to search online!) whatever you chose to do this winter, whether it’s baking cookies or telling ghost stories in a fort made out of blankets, make sure you enjoy yourself and your children. You can find many more crafty winter and holiday activity ideas on sites like Pinterest. Enjoy these crisp winter months whether you’re a new mom or a mom whose children have their own children, have a great winter!