What Does Your Baby’s Birth Month Say About Them? September Babies

Featured Month: September

keep-calm-september-babies-are-the-smartestA maiden born when September leaves
Are rustling in September’s breeze,
A sapphire on her brow should bind
`Twill cure diseases of the mind.

fall babySeptember must be the perfect month to have a baby because you have a perfectionist in the making. Known for being the most responsible of all the signs, your little Virgo baby is usually more quiet, calm and peaceful than other children. Observant, quick, and swift, your baby will want to know about everything in the world and how it works. Usually September babies tend to be more intellectually advanced than others and love to talk. Introducing a language in the early stage and reading material, even if it is advanced for their age, could be most beneficial.  Your little one’s wise soul comes a lot from their birthstone the sapphire, the symbolic of wisdom and clear thinking. It is said that wearing sapphires will clear your mind from clutter and help you find solutions to your problems. On the other hand, loyalty, truthfulness, and honesty also embodied this gem which coincides with your September baby’s well-known quality of being dependable and sincere. Although your baby may carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and go out of their way to make sure even the smallest tasks are perfect, they will always be there for you! The Virgo is also the sign of the Earth Mother so your baby will be fascinated by nature, good health, and everything that the earth has to offer. Be sure to lighten their load and not to make them feel more responsible than they already do, but also be sure to let them help around the house as a responsibility, not a chore. This will give your little Virgo the feeling of importance that they crave. Your little helper loves feeling needed and will not only be productive in day-to-day tasks but also prioritize the most important task of all, showing their love for you! Other famous, wise beyond their years September babies include Stephen King, Bruce Springsteen, Prince Harry, and Pink.

sapWant clarity of thought and peace of mind while you raise your loveable September baby? Honor your baby and your first embrace with something meaningful to the both of you. Personalized birthstone jewelry like The Mommy Pendant is an intimate way to cherish the uniqueness of your baby and the special bond you two share. So rock that one of a kind sapphire as you and your new September baby begin the first of many memories.