What are Mommy Cards?

Mommy Cards are the new trend that has taken the internet by storm. Similar to a business card, Mommy Cards give quick information about a mother, her children, and their contact information. This makes contacting other parents and setting up play dates much easier.

Who uses Mommy Cards?

Any mommy can use Mommy Cards. Working, stay-at-home, or single, it doesn’t matter! They also don’t have to be strictly for mommies. Dads can benefit just as much as moms from these quick contact cards! Mommy Cards can be a great way for moms and dads to quickly exchange contact information at the park or at school to help set up play dates for the little ones. No more asking around for pens and paper or trying to quickly memorize phone numbers. Mommy Cards make information exchange quick, easy, and stylish.

What do I put on my Mommy Card?

What are Mommy Cards?

Mommy Cards are perfect for a quick exchange of information!

While it’s probably not the best idea to include your home address in case your cards get lost, contact information is the most useful thing to include on these cards. This includes your name, the names and ages of your little ones, phone numbers, and email addresses if you so choose. You can also include any food or pet allergies so your next play date goes as smoothly as possible. You can even put pictures of you and your kids on the card!

Why use Mommy Cards?

Mommy Cards aren’t just for arranging play dates. If you put a couple in your child’s jacket pocket or backpack, it can really help reunite you and your child if he or she should get lost or separated from you. You can also put your Mommy Cards in backpacks, lunch boxes, school supplies, and purses to make sure the items can be easily returned if they’re lost. They’re great to hand off to your babysitter so she has your contact information while you’re out on date night or girl’s night out. They’re also perfect for your neighbors, your child’s teacher, or anyone else you’d like to stay in contact with!

Mommy Cards are the newest and easiest way to stay in touch with people, set up play dates, return lost items, and inform people about your children’s allergies and the best ways to contact you in case of an emergency.