Tips for Throwing a Spring Baby Shower

Spring is a great time to throw a baby shower! The weather is warming up, days are getting longer, and flowers are blooming. Let us bring the spring colors into your next celebration of the happiness for the new mommy-to-be and the arrival of a new baby! Here are some tips for throwing a radiant spring baby shower:

Spring Themed Invitations

Invitations are the first chance you get to really entice your future guests to come to your celebration.  Spice up your invitations with colorful text and pictures that describe what the guests will be experiencing at your party. By adding a unique spring touch to a regular invitation, you can make your guests feel like they’re already at the party!

Multi Colored Party Favors

Tips for Throwing a Spring Baby ShowerBaby showers are the perfect time to give away themed favors. For this spring, give away sweet scented candles, decorative honey holders, mini candy jars, personalized purse mirrors, or even a small gift box of delicious goodies and a gift certificate. A personalized tote bag or spice rub can make a great gift as well.

Party Games and Prizes

Party games keep your guests interested until it’s time to open the gifts.  Try “Guess Who” or “What’s the new mommy’s belly size?” for fun activities.  For “Guess Who”, ask each of your guests to bring a baby picture of them, pin the photos on a board, and have everyone try to guess whose baby picture it is.  For “What’s the new mommy’s belly size?”, have each of your guests write down what their guess is for the circumference of the expectant mom’s belly. Use a measuring tape to measure it.  The guest that guesses the closest wins a prize!

Spring Decorations

Tips for Throwing a Spring Baby ShowerWhen it comes to decorating your baby shower this spring, try a diaper cake, colorful paper flowers, a vase of a onesie bouquet, or a vase filled with beautiful poppies. Having a blooming flower plant for guests to take home can make a great place card for your themed table.

Gift Ideas for the Mom-To-Be

Guests bring gifts off the registry and all those items are for the baby, but what about the mom-to-be?  The hostesses can pitch in and pamper the guest-of-honor.  Some baby shower gift ideas can be a pregnancy massage from a local spa, a hair-day at her favorite salon for a new spring haircut, or a meaningful treasure she can keep long after the baby grows up, like The Mommy Pendant.

For your next spring baby shower, make it one that your guests won’t forget.  Spring is a beautiful season filled with color, so bring that unique touch into each aspect of the shower!