Three Easy Relaxation Tips for Babies

Relaxation tips for babies

For new or veteran parents, getting babies to relax and go to sleep and just be quiet can sometimes feel like a daunting task. If your baby has colic, or even if your little one is just fussy, these relaxation tips can help baby and parents get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Infant Massage

Aside from being a wonderful way to bond with your newborn, infant massage is particularly helpful for relieving colic, though it should be noted that this is best saved for calm times, not when baby is in the middle of a crying fit. Babies will relax, sleep better, and massage also helps promote digestion. Wait at least forty five minutes after a feeding, and make sure your baby is warm, comfortable, and relatively calm before attempting a massage.


Many babies, newborns especially, find extreme comfort in being tightly wrapped in blankets. The baby should not be so tight as to restrict breathing or make the baby too warm, but snug enough to support the limbs and prevent newborns from waking themselves with their moro reflex, or a sudden feeling of loss of support. Be sure that you know exactly how to swaddle your baby before attempting it, as it’s easy to wrap the blankets too tightly. Many infants sleep longer and settle irritable moods.


Sometimes, a bath is just the trick. It’s also a great time for mom or dad and baby to bond, since touch is necessary at bath time. Some warm water, baby shampoo, and a small toy for older babies can help calm them and allow them to sleep better. It’s helpful to establish a routine for babies every night so they can relax before bed and sleep better at night. Many baby-safe soaps and shampoos also contain lavender scents which may help relax your baby even further.

Babies prone to crying, babies with colic, or just fussy little ones can definitely benefit from a little relaxation time. Whether you attempt infant massage, swaddling, or just opt for a warm bath, there are many different ways to encourage your baby to relax and stay calm.