The “Push Present”

The idea of a “push present” is the tradition of giving a gift to a brand new mother to celebrate and commemorate a birth. There is no formal etiquette to push presents, but the tradition has been steadily gaining popularity in the past few years:

Whether it’s called a push present, push gift, baby bauble, or simply a birthing gift, presents are traditionally given to the mother by the father in commemoration of the struggles of labor and delivery, as well as to celebrate the birth of the new baby.

Originating in England and India, the practice of giving a new mother a birthing gift is a trend that is only just taking off in the United States. In England, fancy rings are customary. In India, wives and mothers receive gold jewelry following the birth of a child. Jewelry tends to be a popular option in the United States as well.

The Push PresentAdvocates of the push present say it is to thank the woman for tolerating the symptoms of pregnancy: carrying the baby for nine months, enduring morning sickness, not to mention the pain of childbirth. While a present simply cannot replace a healthy baby, it is a tangible way to show the new mommy in your life the appreciation you feel.

Traditionally, it was the father of the new baby who did the gift-giving. The gift was usually diamond stud earrings, which jewelry businesses took advantage of with the notable tagline, “She gave you your first born, now give her twins.”  However, that tradition is changing now. Parents, grandparents, and friends are starting to adopt the tradition of giving a new mommy a push present.

Many women appreciate something that is thoughtful and meaningful, not necessarily something that is hugely expensive or extravagant.

The Mommy Pendant is a perfect way to show the new mom in your life how much you appreciate her. It commemorates the first time a mother holds her baby, one of the most memorable moments a new mother experiences. With the birthstone of the baby (or babies, if you’re having multiples!) as the focal point for the necklace, this beautiful pendant is versatile enough to wear every day so mom can remember how happy she felt the day her baby was born.