The Mommy Pendant’s Declassified Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Pregnancy sure does make you one hot mama, but that meaning becomes all too real during these scorching summer months.  Here at The Mommy Pendant, we understand that staying cool and looking cool can be hard to do when you’re carrying a mini me inside of you, especially while the temperature goes up on the dial. That is why we have compiled together some refreshing tips for the pregnant you this summer.

Stay Cool While Looking CoolSummer-maternity-wear-staples-02-pg-full

Hello tent city!  It’s time to give away all those loose, over-sized tops that makes your stomach look like a camping site.  Start sporting that curvaceous tummy of yours in some slim-fitting tanks, body-skimming tees, or sundresses. Not only will your gorgeous round tummy look great, you’ll feel great too as these outfits will keep you cool while you’re sporting your bump. Also, while sandals may seem like the ultimate comfy shoes for a hot day they don’t usually offer the support you need as your ligaments and tendons stretch while you’re pregnant causing that pain and swelling. So be sure to look for ones that offer the support you need to keep the dogs from barking. And while you’re on your much deserved shopping spree, why not invest in something extra fab because let’s be honest, you deserve it, especially if you’re expected to be marching around in this heat. So treat yourself to some glamorous sunglasses that like your mommy pendant will be your go to accessory throughout all the nine months and beyond. With these makeovers to your wardrobe, sweat will no longer be the thing that makes you shine; it will be your cool glowing pregnancy.

Tip It Back and Relax

When your eggo is preggo during the summer months one of your top priorities should be taking in all the fluids you can. So drink up baby, because you should be having at least six to eight glasses of water a day. “By the time you actually feel thirsty, you’re already well past the point of dehydration,” says Kathy McManus, RD, director of the department of nutrition at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. You’re probably thinking that taking the million trips to the bathroom now is already hard to do and adding those extra ones seems unimaginable. But letting yourself get too parched can worsen pregnancy aches such as swelling, and trigger contractions that ups your risk for preterm labor.

Boring old H2O got you down in a summer funk? Add a kick to your drink by adding slices of orange, cucumber, melon, or a sprig of mint. Or get creative with some seltzer and a splash of mango juice and lime.

getty_rf_photo_of_pregnant_woman_balancing_water_on_bellyWhile you’re relaxing with your glass of water you probably feel like with all this time spent with the AC (your new closest friend) you don’t understand how you can still be boiling. Your pregnant body runs much hotter than normal so make sure you sip that water, wear breathable clothes, and stay indoors as much as possible, especially when the heat index rises above 90. Find that nice cool space, curl up with a refreshing summer read and enjoy those final alone moments you may have before the baby comes. And remember if your heart starts pounding, you feel dizzy, or you stop sweating, you may have heat exhaustion. Rest right away and get something cool to drink. If symptoms don’t subside, call your doctor.

Soak Up the Summer Fun and Sun

Go ahead and dunk that bump! Give into the temptation of the water’s call and enjoy the cool water. Swimming is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day and the buoyancy of the water is known to help relieve pregnancy-related back strain. Not to mention a perfect activity for moms-to-be who want to get a little exercise and is way less of a risk of overheating than jogging.

getty_rf_photo_of_pregnant_woman_swimming_in_poolWhile you’re out there having your tummy look like its own floating island in the pool, be sure to lather up. The higher level of estrogen in your body makes you more susceptible to melasma, which are dark patches of your skin that can appear on your face. So cover yourself in SPF 50 every single day, even the days that are rainy or you plan on being behind your desk all day. UVA rays can still penetrate through clouds and windows.

Perfecting the Picnic

Summer is all about heating up the grill and busting open that picnic basket. And your pregnancy is the perfect excuse to giving into the occasional gooey, greasy cheeseburger or that fully loaded ice cream sundae. Go ahead and enjoy with the gals in those summer cocktails at the beach, virgin of course. You need those few hundred calories each day anyways, why not indulge in someone the treats that are among the great summer joys. And please it’s not like anyone expects your belly to look flat in that new maternity bikini you’re showing off.

Just make sure when you do fire up that grill that the meats are fully cooked to prevent harmful bacteria, like salmonella. Investing in a meat thermometer makes it easier than guessing if the meat is fully done. Anything from cheese, milk, and fresh-squeezed juice you must avoid if it’s been in the sun for a few hours.

Take a Babymoon

Husband hugging pregnant wife on beachEvery couple could use one last uninterrupted, get out of town fling. Whether it’s a tropical getaway or just a long weekend to the beach beat the heat and relax with your hubby. Hey it’s even the perfect time for him to surprise you with your push present! (That Mommy Pendant you’ve been asking for! Hint, hint). Don’t worry about the “what ifs” and what will happen if your water breaks. Instead travel somewhere that is either a couple hours by car or plane so that way you can contact your doctor easily if you have to. It’s also perfectly safe for mamas to fly up until 36 weeks, just be sure to get up and stretch your legs every half hour or so to beat the swelling and lower the risks of developing blood clots in your legs.

With these tips you won’t be cursing away the summer heat, you’ll be getting the best of it…off somewhere floating in the water sipping a virgin margarita looking for your last shaker of salt. Salt! Salt! Salt!