The Best Books to Read When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy can be fun, exciting, and a bit stressful. Prepping for a new arrival can send new parents into a tizzy and wonder where to turn for the best information. Here are the top books to read for an expectant parent or couple looking to read up on the little bundle of joy before the big day!

Sacred Pregnancy: A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms

This is part book, part journal. It focuses on the spiritual side of pregnancy by prompting the mother to get in touch with her thoughts and feelings during the pregnancy, as well as the more practical side of giving birth like presenting options for the actual birth. It allows mothers to reflect on and record many significant milestones in pregnancy as well as learning about the inner workings of pregnancy and what to expect down the road. Fit Pregnancy magazine says, “From the spiritual (how to visualize your perfect birth) to the practical (a large section on birthing options), this pregnancy journal is a spiritual adviser and supportive doula all in one.”

The Best Books to Read When You’re Expecting Posh Push: Modern Girls Reveal Secrets for a More Natural Birth

If you’re toying with the idea that you might want to go sans epidural for your baby’s birth, or even if you’re dead set on the idea, this book will provide you with some valuable insights and techniques into natural birth. Different mothers give various perspectives on the birthing experience, so you know what to expect when your little one is ready to arrive.

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

If you’re looking for no-nonsense, accurate, and authoritative information, look no further than the Mayo Clinic. With a 40-week pregnancy calendar, symptoms guide, week-by-week updates on baby growth, and a review of important pregnancy decisions, this book is an essential part of your pre-baby bookshelf. Publishers Weekly says “…The book contains at least one feature that most pregnant women will find indispensable: charts that indicate how to handle ‘troublesome signs and symptoms’ during each three week period…readers will find great reassurance in this volume’s carefully vetted facts”.

The Birth Partner: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions

Having a companion before, during, and after the birth of a new baby can be greatly beneficial for the mom and baby. This book helps partners, husbands, families, and even friends, understand what an expecting mom needs and how to provide it. The active role of the birth partner is encouraged and celebrated in this book.

BirthCONTROL: A Husband’s Honest Account of Pregnancy

While not the same step-by-step guide as the counterparts for moms, this non-fiction book traces an expectant father’s journey through pregnancy with his wife and illuminates a hilariously relatable (though sometimes neurotic) experience of pregnancy and birth from the husband’s perspective.

There are a variety of books out there for new mothers, birth partners, or couples trying to get pregnant. Decide what you want from a book, whether it’s something that focuses on the spiritual, something more matter-of-fact, or something that’s just going to keep you laughing. Happy reading!