Push Present Ideas

So how do you show the new mommy in your life that you appreciate her nine months of sacrifice of sushi, caffeine, comfortable sleep, and the ability to see her feet? Push presents aren’t necessarily a new trend, but the idea of birthing gifts is certainly growing in popularity. Show her your appreciation and commemorate the special occasion of your child’s birth with a considerate gift. Here are some thoughtful push presents that she’ll love.

Her Favorite Foods

It’s no secret that pregnant women are banned from eating things like sushi, unpasteurized juice, some varieties of fish, and coffee. Once your new bundle of joy is born, treat the new mommy to her favorite food or drink she had to sacrifice during her pregnancy. Deliver her favorite sushi to the hospital or put together a savory cheese tray. Make sure you consult with your doctor though, because there are still items women can’t eat or drink if they’re breastfeeding.


Your new baby is going to be up every few hours during the night for a feeding, and Mom just spent hours in labor, or is Push Present Ideasstill recovering from a C-section surgery. Give her the gift of sleep by offering to take the night shift. She’ll be much more rested and ready to help with the little one in the morning. You can also invest in a Night Nurse, a registered nurse who takes care of your baby during the night while you both get your much needed rest. Both options will be much appreciated!


The most traditional of push presents is jewelry. It’s a tangible way for Mom to wear a daily reminder of her precious baby.  The Mommy Pendant features a sentimental design and is personalized with the baby’s birthstone.  It is also versatile enough to be worn every day, to any occasion, and can grow along with your family. This sentimental gift is different than getting her sushi or time for a nap; it’s something she can keep forever and be reminded of your love for her and her love for the baby.