Popular Family Magazines

Parenting can be difficult without the right resources, tips, tricks, insights, and support. But where do you go to find all those things? Parenting magazines can have some extremely helpful tips for parents, as well as tips for family time, parent vacation time, and how to handle your children at a certain age. So which magazines are the best? Keep reading to find out.


From  babies, toddlers, big kids and beyond, Parenting offers birthday party ideas, baby products, baby name ideas, recipes, traveling tips, and even fertility support. Check out www.parenting.com for more information, or to subscribe to the magazine.


Parents Magazine, not to be confused with Parenting Magazine, offers moms and dads tips to track pregnancy development, recipes, health articles, and even articles like “How to Eat Healthy at Disney World”. Join the conversation at www.parents.com and subscribe.

Parent & Child

Scholastic’s Parent & Child allows parents to play an active role in their children’s development. The magazine includes activities that encourage higher learning skills, as well as what to expect in each stage of life. Parents can help children learn and gain independence with tips from Parent & Child.

Family Fun

Also from Scholastic, Family Fun offers ideas for parents with children ages 3-12. Parents can help get the family together and play games, learning projects, creative activities, and even family travel.

Working Mother

Working moms today want advice on parenting, careers, home, health, and even inspirational and enlightening interviews, and that’s exactly what Working Mother delivers. Time saving tips, polls, and balancing family, work, and life, Working Mother provides working moms with powerful and valuable information. Check out www.workingmother.com for more information.

Parenting magazines are abundant, and searching through all the information can seem overwhelming. Use this list to get started in your hunt, and get to reading!