No Children Allowed

A recent movement in many restaurants and entertainment venues has been observed, many restaurants and theaters are mandating “kid free zones.”  The kid-free-restaurant movement is a very controversial issue that has fostered some vicious debates. Many prominent news stations have covered this new movement attempting to explore both sides of the story. Some restaurants have employed what is known as the seven by seven rule meaning after seven children under seven are not permitted in some restaurants. A few cinemas have also begun to reserve theaters, showings, and whole cinemas for adult only entertainment.

Proponents of the kid-free zone say that some parents of children are also in support of this because they go out dinner to escape their own children and would like to have a place where they can relax and not hear a child wailing. Many other proponents of child-free restaurants say that children should not be permitted in upscale restaurants because children cannot appreciate the fine dining experience and  food, also, patrons paying high prices for food want a relaxing perfect experience free from tantrums and shrieking. This point of view has led to a movement of travel agencies and websites that recommend and endorse kid-free vacation spots, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Even some Whole Food locations offer kid-free shopping hours where they provide child care allowing parents to shop in peace.  More radical movements are trying to ban children from playing outside of various apartment complexes.


People (mostly parents) against restaurants banning children say that they experience biases and unfair or poor treatment in restaurants because they have children on a daily basis, especially from more upscale establishments.  The detractors of the kid free movement feel that this is a sort of prejudice against children and parents that bring their children with them.  One article states that it appears that children have been akin to second hand smoke, being banned seemingly from most public areas. When did kids being kids become an annoyance that needed such severe public restrictions?

Write in, what is your opinion on this highly controversial topic? Should children be left at home while their parents dine at upscale restaurants or any restaurant? Or should parents be allowed to bring their children to eat dinner with them or watch a movie? We can’t wait to hear back from you all!