Labor Day Recovery

Did you have a little too much fun this Labor Day weekend? Nursing a headache and a sunburn? Kids recovering from a 3 day sugar high? Here are some tips to get you back on your feet, focused, and feeling like yourself for the upcoming fall season.

Pumpkin Detox

Usher in fall with some seasonal pumpkin treats. Pumpkin makes wonderful baked goods, or you can opt for a more cleansing route with some pumpkin soup. In addition to helping you stay full, pumpkin is great for helping your eyesight, protecting your skin, boosting your immune system, and cleansing the body with its high amounts of fiber. Not a fan of the taste? Try a pumpkin face mask to help with breakouts and moisturize your skin, especially after all that sun you got over the weekend!

Stretch it Out

Did you spend your Labor Day camping with the family? Sleeping on the ground can sometimes leave you with aches and pains in the morning, and yoga will help you get back to feeling your best. Regular practice is the best for eliminating toxins and keeping your mind and body fresh, but an occasional stretch session is also highly beneficial. Try Downward Dog for better blood and lymph circulation, Happy Baby pose to massage the lower back, and the seated spinal twist to stretch your shoulders and hips.

Catch Some Z’s

Sleep might be the most important part of the recovery process. Whether you hit the club with your college friends, or took the kids to a water park and spent the day in the sun, you’re going to need your 40 winks for optimal recovery. If you can’t get your recommended eight hours, opt for a midday nap. Keep it at around 30 minutes to avoid feeling groggy when you wake up. Your nap will not only help your body recover from the Labor Day festivities, but will also improve your cognitive function so you can be on your game when you get back to work.

Nourish your body with some healthy foods, some exercise, and some much needed rest following this Labor Day weekend. You’ll be back to your old self in no time!