How to get rid of that post baby weight

If you have ever found yourself walking through the magazine aisle at the grocery store I am sure you have seen there are countless magazines flaunting pictures of new-mom celebrities who look like they have never even had a child, all proclaiming they have the secret to losing post baby weight and fast.  The truth is that everyone’s body is different and loses weight differently; ultimately many moms find that baby weight comes off from breast feeding and the fluctuation of post-delivery hormones which are known to boost the metabolism. Many moms and some doctors also speculate that breastfeeding alone can help to return moms to their pre-baby weight. For some moms that may not be enough, so they have come up with some crafty ways to get rid of the pesky left over weight.

healthy food

Many moms have come up with some easy tips for getting rid of those last stubborn pounds, for instance some moms purposefully will keep the diaper changing station downstairs. Keeping the diaper changing station downstairs can fulfill two needs; it can be convenient when recovering from labor but it also can serve as a way to be more active once mom and baby are living on the second floor.  Other moms are trying to add some fun by taking their baby on walks to various spots such as the local coffee shop, the mall, or the park. Packing healthy snacks that are always on-hand is another great strategy to lose weight, helping moms curve those unhealthy cravings. A very restrictive diet is not necessarily a must in order to lose post-pregnancy weight; it is possible that if a new mom stresses herself out too much with a restrictive diet that because of the preexisting stress of having a newborn, the mom might actually gain weight. It is much more important for new moms to only eat when they are hungry and to stick to a well-balanced healthy diet.  It is also key that new mothers choose very nutrient rich foods, preferably high in DHA and omega-3 fatty acids, an easy way to accomplish this by eating fish such as salmon or tuna and consuming yogurt.

Most importantly you have to be patient with yourself, just because your favorite celebrity is back in her size 0 jeans two months after having a baby doesn’t mean that, that is normal or how you should be.  Some celebrities who go back to looking how they did before becoming pregnant in a very short amount of time are often not being cautious and are engaging in physical activities before they should, taking an unnecessary risk on their body and health. If it takes a mom nine months to put the weight on then it will typically take at least nine months to take off the weight and get to your pre-pregnancy size. All moms are beautiful, why not get them a beautiful single stone pendant and let them know how much they mean to you, give them The Mommy Pendant the leader in personalized jewelry for moms.