Q: What is a push present ?

A push present is a traditional gift given to a mom after having a baby. The term is derived from the mom “pushing” out the baby. The gift is meant to be a sentimental reminder to celebrate motherhood, as well as a token of appreciation for the sacrifices mom made during pregnancy (discomfort, dietary restrictions, sleeping difficulties, etc.)

Q: Are push presents meant just for the first time moms ?

No, push presents are given to existing moms as well.

Q: How big is the pendant ?

The pendant measures 1 inch tall and ½ inch wide.

Q: How big are the birthstones ?

The birthstones are 3mm wide. This is the equivalent of a 0.10ct diamond, a very noticeable size.

Q: If I order a pendant in advance and my baby is born in a different month, can I exchange the birthstone/s ?

Yes. For example, if you purchase a pendant with a January birthstone and the baby is born in February, we will gladly exchange the birthstone at no additional cost.


Q: How long does it take to get the mommy pendant ?

Each mommy pendant is hand made in the U.S.A. and takes about 5 business days to complete. Delivery time depends on the shipping method you select, and can vary between 1-4 days after the pendant is complete. If you need a pendant rushed, please contact us at (888) 776-2607.

Q: Do you ship internationally (i.e. outside the U.S.) ?

Yes. Additional shipping charges will apply, typically anywhere from $10-$50, depending on the destination.

Q: What if I have a second or third child, Can I upgrade my existing pendant ?

Yes. Simply ship us back your existing pendant and we will reuse your stone in the new pendant, plus credit you 50% of your original pendant.


If you have additional question not answered in this section please call us at 1-888-776-2607 or e-mail us.

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