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2 Top Push Presents To Make The Expecting Mom Feel Dazzled

When your search begins for a push present you find you most likely will stumble across a list of unimaginative gifts including vacations, days at the spa, gift cards at baby stores, clothes from their favorite store or boutique as well as a flowers. While many of those push present gift ideas would make the average mom extremely happy, why not make the present that represents their grueling 9 months leading to motherhood one that .

Spooktacular Costumes Ideas for your Little Monsters

The weather is getting cooler, leaves are changing color, and kids are back in school, so that means that it must be fall. With Halloween right around the corner, it is time to buy candy in bulk and pick an adorable costume for your little monster. So what will you dress your child as this year? Costumes now in days range from the classics such as, ghosts, pumpkins, and witches, which many of us .

What Does Your Baby’s Birth Month Say About Them? September Babies

Featured Month: September A maiden born when September leaves Are rustling in September’s breeze, A sapphire on her brow should bind `Twill cure diseases of the mind. September must be the perfect month to have a baby because you have a perfectionist in the making. Known for being the most responsible of all the signs, your little Virgo baby is usually more quiet, calm and peaceful than other children. Observant, quick, and swift, your baby .

The Mommy Pendant’s Declassified Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Pregnancy sure does make you one hot mama, but that meaning becomes all too real during these scorching summer months.  Here at The Mommy Pendant, we understand that staying cool and looking cool can be hard to do when you’re carrying a mini me inside of you, especially while the temperature goes up on the dial. That is why we have compiled together some refreshing tips for the pregnant you this summer. Stay Cool .

What Does Your Baby’s Birth Month Say About Them? August Babies

Featured Month: August       Wear a sardonyx or for thee, No conjugal felicity; The August-born without this stone, `Tis said, must live unloved and lone You may have a little Prince or Princess on your hands and they won’t let you forget it. Considered the Kings and Queens of the zodiac, your little Leo cub is ruled by the Sun, so it’s no wonder that they love to be the center of attention. .

Popular Family Magazines

Parenting can be difficult without the right resources, tips, tricks, insights, and support. But where do you go to find all those things? Parenting magazines can have some extremely helpful tips for parents, as well as tips for family time, parent vacation time, and how to handle your children at a certain age. So which magazines are the best? Keep reading to find out.

3 Best Maternity Swimwear Styles

Sporting a bump this summer? Moms may feel like they need to cover up a baby belly, but that’s not always the case! Find your style and rock it this summer at the beach. Here are some popular styles for moms-to-be who want to hit the pool.

The Top 5 Most Popular Baby Names Trends for 2013

Naming your child is the first major decision you make as a parent. So do you choose a unique name you’ve never heard before? What about a traditional family name? There are so many options for baby names, and sometimes it can be hard to choose. Here are some of the top baby name trends of 2013 so far!

5 Reasons Why The Mommy Pendant is the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12! Whether you are looking for a present for your wife, mom, sister, or grandmother, The Mommy Pendant is the perfect one! Here are five reasons why we can celebrate the special bond of motherhood with The Mommy Pendant: The Mommy Pendant is a symbolic gift. The Mommy Pendant tells a story. It represents the moment when a mother cradles her infant for the first time. This moment will .