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What is a Push Present and Its Significance to Moms

mila-kunis push present
A push present is a present a father gives to the mother to celebrate the birth of their baby. It’s almost as a thank you gift to the mother caring the child and laboring. This usually takes place before or after the birth of the baby, or even in the delivery room. The trend was relatively unknown until celebrities like Mila Kunis, Kim Karshashian and Chrissy Tiegen made it more mainstream. Gift ideas can .

2 Top Push Presents To Make The Expecting Mom Feel Dazzled

When your search begins for a push present you find you most likely will stumble across a list of unimaginative gifts including vacations, days at the spa, gift cards at baby stores, clothes from their favorite store or boutique as well as a flowers. While many of those push present gift ideas would make the average mom extremely happy, why not make the present that represents their grueling 9 months leading to motherhood one that .

Winter Activities to do with Your Children

As parents it might seem like you are responsible for keeping your child entertained, especially when they are kept cooped up inside during the dreary months of winter. Sure there are always the standard ideas like building forts and watching old movies but thanks to sites like Pinterest and Facebook, parents are getting more and more crafty and coming up with ingenious games and activities that keep children away from the television ( or .

How to get rid of that post baby weight

healthy food
If you have ever found yourself walking through the magazine aisle at the grocery store I am sure you have seen there are countless magazines flaunting pictures of new-mom celebrities who look like they have never even had a child, all proclaiming they have the secret to losing post baby weight and fast.  The truth is that everyone’s body is different and loses weight differently; ultimately many moms find that baby weight comes off .

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