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5 Reasons Why The Mommy Pendant is the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12! Whether you are looking for a present for your wife, mom, sister, or grandmother, The Mommy Pendant is the perfect one! Here are five reasons why we can celebrate the special bond of motherhood with The Mommy Pendant: The Mommy Pendant is a symbolic gift. The Mommy Pendant tells a story. It represents the moment when a mother cradles her infant for the first time. This moment will .

The Best Books to Read When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy can be fun, exciting, and a bit stressful. Prepping for a new arrival can send new parents into a tizzy and wonder where to turn for the best information. Here are the top books to read for an expectant parent or couple looking to read up on the little bundle of joy before the big day! Sacred Pregnancy: A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms This is part book, part journal. It .

Tips for Throwing a Spring Baby Shower

Spring is a great time to throw a baby shower! The weather is warming up, days are getting longer, and flowers are blooming. Let us bring the spring colors into your next celebration of the happiness for the new mommy-to-be and the arrival of a new baby! Here are some tips for throwing a radiant spring baby shower: Spring Themed Invitations Invitations are the first chance you get to really entice your future guests .

7 Fun Easter Activities for Kids

From decorating Easter eggs, hiding them in secret places, and hearing the entire family laughing from the egg hunt, Easter is a time to gather with loved ones. We have a great list of Easter activities that are perfect for kids of all ages. Here are some fun activities to make this Easter unforgettable! The Easter Egg Hunt The traditional Easter egg hunt is fun for kids of all ages. Having an egg hunt .

The Top 5 Celebrity Push Presents from 2012

Hollywood is famous for overdoing things, and celebrity moms know how to make an impression. Push presents aren’t a new concept, but 2012 saw some of the most lavish, extravagant, and expensive push presents: Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Jay-Z gave the new mother of his baby an extra-large blue Tanzanite ring as a push present last year. As a tribute to their daughter’s name and as a traditional present to a new mother, this .

10 Best Places for Photos with Your Family

Family photos are one of the best ways to preserve precious memories of your family. From solo shots of the kids to a big group photo with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins, there are many different options for your family pictures. But one of the hardest parts is figuring out where to actually take the picture! We’ve listed 10 of the best places for family photos:  1.      The Local Park Tap into your .

Push Present Ideas

So how do you show the new mommy in your life that you appreciate her nine months of sacrifice of sushi, caffeine, comfortable sleep, and the ability to see her feet? Push presents aren’t necessarily a new trend, but the idea of birthing gifts is certainly growing in popularity. Show her your appreciation and commemorate the special occasion of your child’s birth with a considerate gift. Here are some thoughtful push presents that she’ll .

What are Mommy Cards?

Mommy Cards are the new trend that has taken the internet by storm. Similar to a business card, Mommy Cards give quick information about a mother, her children, and their contact information. This makes contacting other parents and setting up play dates much easier. Who uses Mommy Cards? Any mommy can use Mommy Cards. Working, stay-at-home, or single, it doesn’t matter! They also don’t have to be strictly for mommies. Dads can benefit just .

The “Push Present”

The idea of a “push present” is the tradition of giving a gift to a brand new mother to celebrate and commemorate a birth. There is no formal etiquette to push presents, but the tradition has been steadily gaining popularity in the past few years: Whether it’s called a push present, push gift, baby bauble, or simply a birthing gift, presents are traditionally given to the mother by the father in commemoration of the .