the mommy pendant story


The Mommy Pendant™ was designed as a symbol to celebrate the journey and birth of my precious daughter, Shira.  After nearly two challenging and very frustrating years trying to conceive, my husband and I were finally blessed with a baby girl.

When my husband brought up the topic of a “Push Present,” I wanted something meaningful to celebrate the miracle of our baby. I searched online and in catalogs but could only find novelty jewelry with pacifiers and baby shoes, or very expensive jewelry that we could not afford. I wanted a piece of jewelry that celebrated motherhood and was versatile enough to wear every day, for any occasion. So I decided to design my own pendant inspired by the most precious moment I experienced during childbirth, cradling my darling daughter for the very first time. I then added a birthstone to commemorate her birthday and The Mommy Pendant™ was born.

For those blessed with multiples (twins & triplets) or celebrating the birth of a second or third child, we designed styles to accommodate more than one birthstone.

Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting a baby, or already have a baby, I wish you a healthy and happy child and a joyous parenthood.

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