7 Fun Easter Activities for Kids

From decorating Easter eggs, hiding them in secret places, and hearing the entire family laughing from the egg hunt, Easter is a time to gather with loved ones. We have a great list of Easter activities that are perfect for kids of all ages. Here are some fun activities to make this Easter unforgettable!

The Easter Egg Hunt

7 Fun Easter Activities for Kids

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The traditional Easter egg hunt is fun for kids of all ages. Having an egg hunt during the day and a scavenger hunt at night puts a twist on this traditional Easter egg hunt.

Baking Cookies

Old and young children can enjoy baking a pan of delicious and fresh cookies.  Find different recipes for cookies, cupcakes or cakes, and have each child do a task in the baking process. At the end, everyone can take part in eating their cookie creations!

Guess the Easter Word Game

Make a list of words related to the Easter holiday. Then, make two teams. Each team will have someone to act the word, while other team members guess. The team that guesses more words will win!

Easter-themed Desserts

Everyone can help to make Easter-themed desserts. Use molds for bunny-shaped Jello, egg- shaped cookies or find a yummy recipe online of your favorite dessert. 

Egg and Spoon Race

This game is perfect to get each member of the family out of the house. Prepare enough hard-boiled, or if you prefer, raw eggs for each player. Don’t forget to include anyone that might drop their egg, and one spoon per player. Get creative with your start and finish lines, come-up with a unique theme! For the race, players will hold their egg on their spoon. The first player who crosses the finish line without dropping the egg wins!

Tell the Easter Story

As when your grandfather use to sit in the living room to tell you amazing stories, tell your children about the true meaning of Easter and why we celebrate the holiday. Afterwards, have your children tell you what they think Easter should be about.

Give Away Decorated Eggs

Have a get-together for everyone to decorate Easter eggs. Children can decorate an egg for each member of the family as a souvenir for this Easter gathering.

These are a few activities that you can do with your family.  Think outside the box this Easter, and put a twist on traditional games with your children!