10 Best Places for Photos with Your Family

Family photos are one of the best ways to preserve precious memories of your family. From solo shots of the kids to a big group photo with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins, there are many different options for your family pictures. But one of the hardest parts is figuring out where to actually take the picture! We’ve listed 10 of the best places for family photos:

 1.      The Local Park

Tap into your inner child and play with your kids on the swings, monkey around on the jungle gym, or attempt a cartwheel or two. These fun and candid pictures are the perfect way to capture the fun your family has, on film.

 2.      The Beach

10 Best Places for Photos with Your FamilyIf you live close to the beach, this one is a no brainer. Even if you live in a land-locked state, find a local lake and make the trip out there. Being by the water is a great way to break up the monotony of studio photographs. Just make sure to bring sunscreen!

 3.      National Monuments

If you’re on a family trip, or lucky enough to live near a national monument, heading to these historic sites can even double as a history lesson for the family. Remember to play with perspective and angles for these shots to avoid the typical tourist picture.

 4.      Seasonal Areas

If it’s October, head to the pumpkin patch. If spring is coming, find a local flower field. These locations are great to show off the natural passage of time with your family, and even provide some opportunity to showcase different photos in your home when the different seasons come around each year.

 5.      The Mountains

If you want a family portrait with some great views, head up to the mountains. Plan it for a clear day when you can really see the view beyond the mountaintop. Not only will these pictures have some spectacular views in the final prints, but it can also be a great day trip for the family.

 6.      National Parks

Whether you’re off to Yosemite, Olympic National Park, or Yellowstone, national parks can be a great backdrop to some family pictures. You might even get a fun family vacation out of this one!

 7.      The Zoo

Your local zoo can provide some new variety to your family portraits. Find your favorite animals, snap some pictures, and learn about the wildlife. Be aware, this is another place to play with angles and perspective to avoid tourist shots.

 8.      Botanical Gardens

If you have botanical gardens in your area, and are looking for a more controlled environment with a touch of nature, these gardens might be the perfect answer. Get the family dressed up and head to the gardens for some sophisticated and natural shots.

 9.      Downtown

Your area probably has a downtown area, and the variety of architecture downtown can add a lot of visual interest to your photographs. Find a nearby park to capture the skyline in the background, or find some historic storefronts to include in your pictures.

 10.  Your Home

Sometimes, the most comfortable pictures are the ones that are taken in your own space. Having professional photos taken in or around your home brings special warmth to the photos that you can’t always get away from home. Take advantage of your home or   property and get creative!

Family portraits don’t always have to be relegated to a cold studio and formulaic arrangements. Venture out into the world for some spectacular family shots that are sure to make the next photo album even more memorable.