Romantic Gift Ideas For Her

Looking for Christmas or birthday gift ideas for her? To help you celebrate and remember the cherished birth of a child, we have created the perfect push present or gift for any mom. Crafted to capture the precise moment when a mother cradles her infant for the first time, the Mommy Pendant not only provides a unique way to celebrate motherhood, it is one of the best birthday or Christmas gift ideas for mom.

The Mommy Pendant is functional enough to be worn every day and to any occasion, but is still very sentimental – definitely one of the best anniversary gift ideas for her. Whether you are searching for a unique and sentimental push present for a new mom, Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, or simply a gift of appreciation for an existing mom, The Mommy Pendant is the perfect selection.

Designed by new mother Jenna Nudelman as a symbol to celebrate the journey and birth of her baby girl, Jenna wanted something meaningful to celebrate the miracle of her daughter. So Jenna decided to design a pendant inspired by cradling her daughter for the very first time. She then added a birthstone to commemorate the baby’s birthday, and The Mommy Pendant was created! The Mommy Pendant is a nice piece of jewelry that celebrates motherhood, yet is adaptable enough to wear every day, for any occasion. Its low price point makes it affordable enough to buy one for every mother in your life, but it’s sophisticated enough for your mother to wear with any outfit or ensemble.

Although originally designed as a push present, the Mommy Pendant is an ideal present for ANY mom – no matter how long she’s been a mother. Show her your appreciation by creating a unique gift for the beloved mother in your life in just three easy steps. Celebrate a mother’s first embrace with the one-of-a-kind Mommy Pendant today.

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