Thoughtful Gifts For Mom

Gifts For Mom 1Looking for birthday or Christmas gifts for mom? The Mommy Pendant is a Mother’s Day present, birthday present, and/or Christmas present – all in one! This wonderful birthstone jewelry for mom can be customized to include the birthstone of your wife, mother, and / or children, making this one of the best gift ideas for mom. And Mommy Pendants are super affordable too!

Originally designed by a new mother looking for a reasonably-priced push present for herself, the Mommy Pendant has grown into one of the top choices of Christmas and birthday gifts for mom. You can choose to include one, two, or three birthstones within the pendant to represent each of the mother’s children.

Mommy Pendants are available in 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, or 14k rose gold, silver, plus we offer eight different chain options to add on, so you can make your gift for mom even more personalized. With so many different options to choose from, you’ll guarantee that you are giving a gift that is unlike any other necklace.

Whether you need Mother’s Day gift ideas for a mom with adult children, or gifts for a mom who recently had a baby, celebrate a mother’s first embrace with the personalized Mommy Pendant. Start designing your Pendant now!

Jewelry For Mom

Gifts For Mom

Single stone
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Two stone
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Twin Stone Pendant

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Three Stone Pendant

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The Mommy Pendant is a Perfect Gift!


Women love jewelry, and moms especially love jewelry (no matter how much they may say they don’t). Give the mom in your life the best piece of jewelry – birthstone jewelry designed just for moms!

Jewelry For MomAlthough originally designed as a push present, the Mommy Pendant is more than just birthstone jewelry for new moms. It’s an ideal present for ANY mom – no matter how long it’s been since she had her child(ren). Creatively designed to represent the emotional first embrace of a mother and child, the beautiful Mommy Pendant makes a great gift and perfect jewelry for moms. Its low price point makes it affordable enough to buy one for every mother in your life, but it’s sophisticated enough for your mother to wear with any outfit on any occasion. And believe us when we say, she will always want to wear it – with everything.

Whether you need jewelry for a mom with three grown kids or gifts for a mom who just had a baby, we can help. The versatility of the Mommy Pendant allows you to pick and choose the mother’s favorite metal, how many birthstones to include, which colors to choose, and you can even pick from eight different kinds of chains to add on. You can pick the birthstone of each child, include the mother’s birthstone, or simply denote each son and/or daughter with blue and pink birthstones. With so many options, you’ll ensure that you are gifting jewelry for mom that is unlike any other necklace (and who wouldn’t want their very own specially designed necklace?).

If you need some jewelry gifts for mom, The Mommy Pendant is your answer! Create some one-of-a-kind jewelry for mom in just three easy steps now. Celebrate a mother’s first embrace with the personalized Mommy Pendant today.

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