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There is no moment that is quite as memorable as the birth of a child. To help you commemorate this unforgettable event, we have created the perfect piece of jewelry: The Mommy Pendant. These pendants have been beautifully crafted to capture the precise moment when a mother cradles her infant for the first time. Our pendants provide a unique way to celebrate motherhood and are functional enough to be worn every day and to any occasion. Whether you are searching for a unique and

sentimental push present

for a new mom or a gift of appreciation for an existing mom, The Mommy Pendant is the ideal choice.

What are push presents? A push present or push gift is an item, usually jewelry, given to a mother who has recently given birth in order to mark the momentous occasion. Push gifts are usually given to the mother by her partner, but they can also be given by other family members or friends.

The Mommy Pendant was created by a mom searching for a sentimental and personal push present idea. Unable to find one, she designed her own push present. Now you too can create a unique push present or gift or appreciation for the beloved mother in your life.



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